Cross Country Valley Tapolca. Cool dirt track with big jumps. There is one more track and two Enduro tracks. prepared and watered every morning. Open from March to November. 

Gyál Motocross track. Toughest track in Hungary. Heavy sandtrack with big jumps. Can be bumpy, rough and dusty in the summer.

Nyáregyháza MX track. dirttrack, Watering available. Nice place with many facilities. 

Ajka Motocross & Enduro Park. Very popular track- one of the best in Hungary. Mixed mud and dirt. Prepared and watered every morning. Two Enduro tracks - with different levels.

Esztergom Crosstrack. Nice dirttrack. To suit all levels from exerciser to pro.

Köszárhegy Cross track. Nature course, mixed mud and dirt. Hard in the summer. Recommended in the spring or autumn. 

Ohid Cross & Enduro Park. Fast and tough. Sand mixed with mud. Good winter and spring training. Rebuild last year. There is also  enduro track. 

Piliscsév MX Park. Huge spectacular "hillside" track. There is another cross track and a long enduro track. 

Tápiobicske Crosstrack. Sandtrack with some big jumps. Can be dusty in the summer. Watering available.

Nyarsapát Crosstrack: Nice dirttrack. Suits  all levels from exerciser to pro.  Recommended in spring and autumn.

Veszprémvarsány Cross. Nice nature dirttrack. Hard and slippery when it's not harrowed. There is also a long enduro track. 

Baumidex Crosstrack. Hard track with gravel. It's harder than it looks.

Dirt Park which is heaven and paradise for MX riders. Two large cross tracks, supercross track and a long enduro track. Top 5 in Europe!

Kiskunlacháza Motocross. One of the oldest cross courses in Hungary. Has been rebuild a few times over the years. Mixed mud and dirt.

Monor Cross Track. Well-maintained pretty fast sandtrack. Prepared and watered every morning. There is also a smaller sandtrack and a supercross track.

Ács Motocross & Enduro. Mud and gravel. Very dusty in the summer. There is also a long enduro track around the cross track. 

Egervölgy Cross & Endurotrack. Half of the course is deep sand and the rest is together with the enduro track in the forest. Good winter training. 

Bugyi MX Track. "Old School" track. Mixed dirt and sand. Technical with few jumps. Very good training track.