All you need to think about is your fly ticket to Budapest - we take care of rest.                                                If you are in Hungary or in Budapest for other purposes but still want to take the opportunity to ride Enduro  - get in touch. We have a two-hours Enduro tour.  We have Equipment such as gear , helmet, boots and protector.

We have from 2 hours tour to  3-4 day┬┤s trip with an agreed number of driving days. The stay is located either outside Budapest or in the West side of Hungary - according to your wishes. Arranged day trips were we depart from our hotel every day. You go to each area by rental car, and your bikes will come with transfer. We offer various tours depending on the area or landscape we are in. Riding on Enduro tracks,  forest roads, ravel roads sa well.  Our selected hotels offer a variety of facilities such as indoor-outdoor pool, sauna, spa, bowling, billiards and more. 

Everything for your well-being!